African Net Sponge “45


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Upgrade the quality of your hygiene routine with our African net sponge, This sponge is a unique bath sponge used mostly in African Continent. Its numerous benefits has led to its growth in popularity.The benefits include its ability to cleanse and exfoliate the skin effortlessly, leaving it fresh and smooth. Due to its long and flexible nature, it’s able to clean hard to reach areas. It is porous in nature and dries quickly. These factors in addition to its long lasting nature, makes it a great value for your money. This Sponge stretches to approximately 45”

Features & details

  • Approximately 45” long.
  • An excellent exfoliator that cleanses skin and gets rid of dead skin cells daily
  • Sponge dries almost immediately after use due to its porous nature making it more hygienic than traditional loofahs and washcloth
  • Long enough to clean hard to reach areas
  • Can be used for 2 years or more
  • Washing machine friendly
  • 100% Nylon
  • Ethically Sourced in Nigeria

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Customer Reviews

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Ilia Israel
My favorite thing ever

It’s such an amazing product and I strongly recommend the African net sponge for literally everyone.

Love it!!!

I bought my African net sponge finally after seeing so many good reviews for so long and I am nowhere near disappointed! I love how soft it makes my skin feel! And I especially love that it’s helping with my eczema spots on my body. 10/10 product!!!


this product is amazing :)))

Candace Ramirez
My boyfriend and I love them!

I ordered two of these after seeing them pop up on my TikTok, and I LOVE them. Very well-made, strong, and they left our skin so soft. They hold soap for the whole shower, and dry super fast. Plus I can actually wash my back! I'll be ordering more if these. Thank you!

Love it!

Works way better than your typical loofah. Started using this and will never go back