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Wholesale African Net Sponges

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WHOLESALE AFRICAN NET SPONGES WILL COME IN A 50 or 100 quantity option. These sponges are “60 inches., they are the ones available for wholesale. 

The colors you get will be selected at random but you will receive all 5 colors., Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange. 

  • These Sponges come straight from Nigeria, Very Authentic. You’re getting that real deal 
  • They are Hot Selling 
  • Suggested Retail Price $6-$10.

Processing Time 2 to 10 business days.

Upgrade the quality of your hygiene routine with our African net sponge, This sponge is a unique bath sponge used mostly in African Continent. Its numerous benefits has led to its growth in popularity.The benefits include its ability to cleanse the skin effortlessly, leaving it fresh and smooth. Due to its long and flexible nature, it’s able to clean hard to reach areas. It is porous and dries quickly. These factors in addition to its long lasting nature, makes it great value for money. This Sponge stretches to approximately 60”

Features & details

  •  Approximately 60” long.
  • An excellent exfoliator that cleanses skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt.
  • Will not store bacteria unlike your loofahs and washcloths.
  • Sponge dries quickly due to its porous nature.
  • Long Bath sponge, African net bath sponge; net bath sponge.
  • Washing machine friendly.